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Blind Squirrel Games gives Keynote at NZGDC





BSG Gives NZGDC Keynote: Building a Better Workplace for Better Games

In an often crunch-driven industry where creatives are forced to work brutally-long hours, Blind Squirrel Games has found that a healthy work/life balance tends to result in a superior final product for their partners. During this session, Blind Squirrel Games’ Founder and CEO Brad Hendricks and CDO/Managing Director of BSG NZ Matthew Fawcett share insight into the how and why of implementing policies to actively instill a healthy work/life balance within your company culture can not only result in better products, but also reduces the overall turnover rate within the company as well.

Check out the link to the NZGDC keynote details here! Blind Squirrel Games will link to the presentation upon public availability.

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