Star Wars: Jedi Challenges

Blind Squirrel Games worked with Disney and Lucas Film to develop a smartphone-powered augmented reality game built in Unity.
  • All new art style for the AR platform developed in collaboration with Disney and Lucas Film
  • First ever UI/UX specific to the Star Wars AR Experience
  • Various worlds, characters and vehicles from all major Star Wars Universe (Original Trilogy, Prequel, New Trilogy and Star Wars Rebels)
  • Concept and design of unique open-battle strategy AR game
  • 16 initial battle simulations across 6 different arena locales
  • Level narrative design and implementation
  • Optimized performance for iOS and Android devices
  • Localization for multiple languages
  • Extensive QA testing

For more info, please visit the official Star Wars: Jedi Challenges website.

About Star Wars: Jedi Challenges

Awaken your inner Jedi with the smartphone‑powered augmented reality STAR WARSTM experience.

Perfect your lightsaber skills by taking on some of the most menacing villains in the galaxy, like Kylo Ren and Darth Vader.  Outwit your opponents in the ultimate game of concentration and strategy. Direct your holographic alien pieces across the board as you battle for territory on checkered game tables.

Lead Rebel forces against the Empire in large scale ground wars. Command an army as you build out your outposts to withstand the forces of the Empire.