Blind Squirrel worked with Disney Interactive on the next thrilling installment of Disney Infinity 3.0 with Star Wars Characters, released on consoles and PC.

Services rendered include:
• Porting the console version to PC
• Creation of a “Daily Quest” system
• New “Character Selection” screen
• New user “Tutorial” creation
• Implemented touch controls for Windows 10 Surface tablets
• Bug fixing, Gameplay bug fixing, and General. bug fixing.

Blind Squirrel also worked with Disney Interactive on Disney Infinity 1.0 and 2.0

For more info, please visit the official Disney Infinity website.



About Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity is an interactive gaming platform that unlocks the freedom to create stories and play experiences starring some of your favorite characters like never before. When you place your Disney Infinity Figures on the game Base, they spring to life in the game!

Play through epic adventures in the worlds of some of your favorite characters and embark on multi-level true-to-property experiences.

In Disney Infinity 3.0, join forces with Star Wars™, MARVEL, Disney and Disney•Pixar in the ever growing collection of characters, stories and worlds!