Blind Squirrel Entertainment is growing fast. Our operating company, Blind Squirrel Games, is world-renowned for its PC and console development expertise, including state-of-the-art VR and AR projects for some of the biggest names in the industry. Our goals are to continue to expand our capabilities and grow the Blind Squirrel brand well into the future. To that end, we provide several ways to participate in our success.


In addition to our thriving work-for-hire business, we are internally funding several exciting projects. So, if you’re a savvy investor looking to support our ongoing creative efforts, please reach out for more information about what we’re up to, as well as different ways you can participate:


We are creating a new development platform aimed at supporting game developers at any stage of their growth. The vehicle that is driving this platform is a Venture Fund dedicated to directly investing in PC and Console developers, providing all forms of support to our portfolio companies. For more information or to request our fund marketing materials, please contact:


If you are seeking investment, support, or guidance related to PC or console game development, we’d be happy to discuss your project and walk you through our publishing process. Our development platform will support you through product launch and beyond. To start a discussion, please contact:


Take a listen to our Funds Operations Director, Drew Bradford, as he provides a little more insight about our current plans, as well as our plans for the future.